The Keep

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Just Because You Work for the Dead Doesn’t Mean You Want to Join Them.

Drew has just started her second year on the Isle of Night, and the weather isn’t the only thing changing drastically. She has ascended to the rank of Initiate. She’s also found an intimate love in the handsome vampire, Carden. But most of all, she no longer dreams of escape. She dreams of vengeance.

Her friend, Emma, was brutally wounded by the savage vampire Alcántara, and may have been taken to the dreaded castle, from which none of the living return. But there are so many different stories from so many people with so many of their own deceits and machinations, Drew can’t be sure of anything—except that she must find a way into the castle to discover the truth and take down Alcántara once and for all.

But Drew isn’t the only one out for revenge. Someone very dangerous on the island is also out for blood…


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“Danger, desire, and delicious mythology make each book better than the last.” — All Things Urban Fantasy

“Wolff’s world is a heady combo of terrifying and seductive.” — Rachel Caine, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Morganville Vampires series

“I love how deliciously Wolff blends her vampire mythology with action, romance, and mystery. It’s like Nancy Drew on crack…The Watchers series is so easily readable — engaging and captivating, they are a delight to read every single time.” — Novel Novice

“…an entertaining read that I highly recommend to fans of the series.” — A Book Obsession

“The short and sweet version: it was awesome.” — Hippies, Beauty, and Books

“I love this series.” — Camisado Mind

“phenomenal! Totally blew my mind away! Drew uncovers so many secrets…it was just astonishing and I am left longing for the next one!” — A GREAT Read

“This is not a typical teen/new adult vampire series and god, do I love it so.” — Bites

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