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Lord of the Highlands

Lord of the Highlands book cover

He Was Her One True Love. He Just Lived in Another Century.

An online dating service may have pronounced Felicity “unmatchable” but she’s determined—and destined—to find her perfect mate. All it takes is a mystical deck of Tarot cards to put her dreams to the test.

Light a candle. Choose a card. And old Scotland is only a wish away…

Scarred by… Read More

Warrior of the Highlands

Warrior of the Highlands book cover

She Has to Change the Past in Order to Save His Future...

While doing research for her dissertation, graduate student Haley Fitzpatrick stumbles upon a strange artifact—which sends her back in time to old Scotland, directly into the path of the notorious Alasdair MacColla, a warrior known for his enormous physical presence and bloodthirsty reputation.

Assuming that this woman with the… Read More

Sword of the Highlands

Sword of the Highlands book cover

She had to Go Back in Time to Find the Man of Her Dreams...

One minute, she’s New York heiress and art curator Magda Deacon, enraptured by the sexy Scotsman captured in an old portrait. The next, she’s falling through time to 17th century Scotland—and embarking on the most erotic journey of her life…

Infamous playboy James Graham, First Marquis of… Read More

Master of the Highlands

Master of the Highlands book cover

She's Back in Time...

Lily Hamlin has finally realized that her life isn't as perfect as she once thought. Making a pilgrimage to Scotland, a land she's only heard about in lullabies, Lily hopes that she can find her place again. But while exploring the Highlands, she discovers an overgrown maze and a strange stone map--and lands in the Lochaber… Read More

Devil’s Own

Devils Own book cover

Fifteen years after he was kidnapped and sold into slavery, Aidan returns to Scotland to find the home he knew long gone. His mother, a proper education, a chance at love—gone. All he has now are dreams of vengeance…

Only one woman could restore his tormented heart.

Aidan MacAlpin appreciates the hospitality of his brothers and sisters, but after surviving hell… Read More

Devil’s Highlander

Devils Highlander book cover

They share a haunting past…and an unspoken passion.

After Scotland’s Civil Wars, the orphaned brothers and sisters of the MacAlpin clan reclaimed the abandoned

Dunnottar Castle as their birthright. Hardened in battle and haunted by family secrets, these fiery Highlanders must rely on each other as they right the wrongs of their troubled history.

Before she can give herself to him, he… Read More

Timber Creek

Timber Creek book cover

In love and war, something’s gotta give…

For Laura Bailey, weathering her teen years at her quaint family lodge in a boondock town at the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas wasn’t easy. Fleeing for San Francisco the minute she graduated high school seemed like a good idea—until she lost her job and her fiancé. The blow to her pride sent… Read More

Sierra Falls

Sierra Falls book cover

Sierra Falls, California, is one of those sleepy towns that people choose to leave. Sorrow Bailey chose to stay behind, but has always yearned for more…

Family is important to Sorrow. She gave up her dreams to run the struggling family lodge. Even her name is a family relic, though lately it feels like a curse that might determine her… Read More

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